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Tailored Aquatics Iodide K.I. 500 mL

Raises and maintains iodide concentrations.

Tailored Aquatics uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure great products. Tailored Aquatics Iodide K.I. contains only safe/non-toxic iodide with no toxic iodine. This makes Iodide K.I. an easy risk free way to maintain iodide levels when used as directed. Importance of Iodide: Iodide is one of the most important trace elements and is often in short supply in a reef aquarium. Iodide dissipates quickly from a reef aquarium and unless added often will not be present in the system. Iodide is naturally present in ocean water at levels around 0.06ppm/60 parts per billion. It is considered important for invertebrates and both soft coral growth and hard coral health & macroalgae also contains iodide in their tissues. Iodide is removed quickly from skimming, activated carbon and assimilation by bio-load in aquariums. INGREDIENTS: Potassium iodide


Care Instructions

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