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Tailored Aquatics Magnesium M.G. 500 mL

Promotes coral colors, good health & coralline algae growth.

Tailored Aquatics uses only the purest ingredients to ensure a great product. Tailored Aquatics Magnesium M.G. is extremely concentrated! Use caution not to raise magnesium more than 50 ppm per day. Magnesium serves to prevent the excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate from seawater and aquarium water alike. Since both calcium and alkalinity are very important to corals, clams, and other organisms that we maintain, making sure that they are not lost to excessive precipitation is an important part of reef husbandry, Magnesium also promotes coral coloration, good health and coralline algae growth. Caution! Inexpensive salt mixes are often low in magnesium, some as low as 800 ppm. INGREDIENTS: Magnesium salts


Care Instructions

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