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Tailored Aquatics Calcium Plus 4000 mL

Raises Calcium, maintains magnesium & strontium, helps reduce nitrates*

Tailored Aquatics uses on ly the purest ingredients to ensure great products. Tailored Aquatics CALCIUM PLUS is extremely concentrated at nearly 200,000 PPM! Use caution not to raise calcium more than 40 ppm per day. * Helps reduce nitrates It is the creators of Tailored Aquatics opinion that small amount of an organic carbon source added daily to the reef tank along with a well maintained protein skimmer will reduce nitrate over long term. This product is designed to be used with Tailored Aquatics dKH Plus to add small amount of carbon daily just by maintaining Calcium and dKH. Some cloudiness may occur a few hours after use. This will dissipate quickly and is a natural part in the reduction of nitrate. INGREDIENTS Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride, Strontium chloride, bio-available organic carbon


Care Instructions

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