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Walking Dendrophyllia FRAGS

A few available, one shown. Your piece will look similar.

Heteropsammia cochlea is an oddball coral. There is a commensal Sipunculid worm living inside the base of the coral which moves the coral around the sand bed in search of food.  This coral is rarely seen in the hobby (the first time we've ever had them!!!), and super cool to watch!  Since there is a worm living in the coral, you shouldn't use a coral dip for this coral or you will damage the worm.  Luckily, at Bayside Corals we have a 4-step quarantine program for our corals, and the Walking Dendro is no exception. 


Our corals are photographed under T5 and Reef Brite Blue LEDs.  Coral colors will appear different under different lighting conditions.

* Note - In the rare instance where there may be an incorrect price listed on our website, Bayside Corals reserves the right to cancel the sale even if the order has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged.  Corals listed as "free" are a glitch, and are not actually free.  Please let us know if you see this.


Care Instructions

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