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Here at Bayside Corals we pride ourselves on providing the healthiest livestock possible from the common fish and corals to the rarest of the rare. We use the best shipping materials available which allows us to ship on the hottest days of summer, the coldest days of winter, and anything in between. You can count on us to get your fish, corals, and invertebrates to you quickly and safely. In the very rare occurrence that an animal has perished, our Live Arrival Guarantee has you covered!

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Creature Feature - Sexy Shrimp

Just like some anemones host Clownfish, some anemones host Sexy Shrimp! These shrimp are fascinating little creatures that are perfect for nano tanks, and even larger tanks that don't have fish that will eat them. Sexy Shrimp are hosted by many anemones - Carpets, Bubbletips, Magnificents, even Rock Flowers and Condy Anemones! You have to check these guys out! Click the photo for a quick video!